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Introduction: In Tunisia, in-centre haemodialysis (ICHD) is the most common type of dialysis. Despite the increasing demand, the number of haemodialysis machines per 100,000 inhabitants is still low. Home Haemodialysis (HHD) is a candidate solution to this problem. Despite its confirmed benefits over ICHD, HHD has not taken place in Tunisia.
Aim: To describe the processes of home dialysis modalities, especially HHD, evaluate their costs, analyse them, in the context of medical practice in public health structures in Tunisia.
Method: The Activity-Based Costing technique was applied: the processes of home dialysis modalities were modelled, the main activity and resource cost drivers identified, and cost equations developed. Based on data from the nephrology department of Sahloul hospital, the cost per session and annual costs for each home dialysis modality were calculated and analyzed.
Results: Home Peritoneal Dialysis, already implemented in Tunisia; presented the lowest annual cost per patient 25344 TND versus 29232 TND for Conventional HHD and 54144 TND for Short-Daily HHD. The cost per session of the Short-Daily HHD (188,8 TND) was comparable to ICHD (180 TND). Consumables presented the most expensive resource for these modalities. Finally, the cost structure of HHD was comparable in Tunisia and France as well as in previous costing studies.
Conclusion :The cost of one session of HHD is estimated to 188,8 TND. The Tunisian ministry of health could adopt a flexible policy to start HHD program by implementing Conventional HHD first.

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